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Kids at home means a more challenging fast day

Half term starts today and my kids are at home and under my feet.  It’s been a while since I’ve fasted when the kids are on holiday and it does tend to make it more difficult.  With the kids at home I tend to be more active but the main problem is that I’m preparing a lot more food which I can’t eat.

I do have some things which I try and do that make it a little bit easier and I thought I should share them.

I try and cook food that we can all enjoy.  This is quite hard because they’re not keen on vegetables and are often nagging me for snacks!  There are a few staples which I swear by – baked beans is one and also fish fingers.  You can’t go wrong with those two!  I also will try and adapt a fasting day recipe and serve it with vegetables for me and pasta or rice for the children.

I tend to find lunch is OK.  I’ll normally heat up some soup for me and make sandwiches for the children (I do wish they’d eat soup!)

But by tea-time I’m starving and they’re starving and we’ve got to find a way to make it work for us all.

I’ll normally try and keep it simple as there’s nothing worse than cooking nice food (that I can’t eat) that the children then turn their noses up at – because it’s too spicy/chewy/vegetably.  So tonight I’ll probably just do chicken, chips and salad.  The difficult bit is to stop myself from sneaking a chip or two!