One Pot Thai Curry

242 cals per serving

Serves 6 Prep time: 10m Cook time: 40m

Telling it like it is!

Today is a diet day and I have vowed to tell you what I’m really eating but it’s not easy because today’s lunch is baked beans.  Half a can of Heinz Reduced sugar and salt beans to be precise – 145 calories.

I’ve already had 2 home-made skinny lattes (37 calories each) for my breakfast.  I’ll post the recipe soon because I swear by it.

Lunchtime arrives and I’m planning to make some soup but my son comes home from playgroup for lunch and I make him some beans on toast.  The beans smell delicious and there’s half a can left.  They’re filling and not too calorific.  It’s a no brainer.

I promise dinner will be more exciting.

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Welcome to my new blog where I publish easy, simple and filling recipes for your 5:2 diet days.

I plan to post every day that I am fasting and will include all the recipes that I am eating that day.

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