5 Unexpected Vegetables That You Can Spiralize

We all know that courgette (zucchini) is the perfect spiralizer vegetable. There are so many amazing dishes that you can make from spiralized zucchini!

But did you know that your spiralizer can also turn some really different vegetables into the most amazing salads or noodles.
So here goes my top 5 –

  1. Broccoli
    broccoliNot the florets but those fat stalks that you never know what to do with. These are perfect for spiralizer recipes. Cut off the florets leaving yourself with the stump. Trim a small amount off the base of the stalk and then spiralize from that end. Use in a salad or lightly cook in a stir-fry.
  2. Red onion
    red-onionRed onion is great spiralized. Just peel, quarter then spiralize. Because of the layers you only get short threads of onion. But these threads are really delicate so go perfectly in a salad (with some salty cheese such as feta -yum!) or cook really quickly.
  3. Carrot
    carrots-bunchCarrots are perhaps the perfect spiralizer vegetable. Just peel and spiralize from the narrow end first. Make a dressing using a little mayonnaise and lemon juice for a quick carrot coleslaw.
  4. Parsnip
    parsnipI include parsnips here because not only do they spiralize really easily, but they make make the most amazing parsnip fries. Peel and spiralize from the thin end. If the top is too fat, just halve or quarter to fit in the spiralizer. To make the fries heat just a little olive oil in a wide frying pan until nice and hot. Toss in the parsnip, season and stir fry until crispy and golden.
  5. Butternut squash spaghetti
    Butternut squashFantastic steamed with a little butter or use in place of pasta. Don’t overcook though, 2 minutes is all you need. To spiralize, peel and deseed first. Then cut into quarters or eighths lengthways before spiralizing.