Review: Twinzee spiralizer

As many of you know, I’m always finding new ways to cook and eat courgette spaghetti. I regularly eat it for lunch and/or dinner and I’d even eat it for breakfast if I could.
For a long time I’ve been happy using my favourite julienne peeler as I don’t like to have a lot of gadgets cluttering up my kitchen. For me, speed and ease of peeling are not the whole package. I don’t want a heavy electrical device that fills up my cupboards and takes up worktop space. Likewise, if I can’t wash it easily and without danger (those blades are sharp!) then I’ll be put off.
I do need to get with the programme though: everyone is spiralizing these days! So after reviewing many different types and brands of spiralizers, I plumped for the Twinzee spiralizer. It had great reviews on Amazon, wasn’t expensive and looked simple and compact.
Now I’ve been putting it through its paces.
On first glance it looked simple and smart and pleasingly could fit snugly into a cutlery drawer. It also comes with a handy little brush for cleaning those oh so sharp blades.spiralize1-WP The instructions are simple. Place the courgette in the green end and twist like you would a pencil in a sharpener. Pleasingly it was just as easy as sharpening a pencil too. You didn’t have to press to hard. Just turn clockwise firmly and beautiful courgette spaghetti just pours out the side. The top of the courgette is soon sharpened to look just like a pencil too!spiralize2-WPThere are 2 blades settings for thicker or thinner spaghetti. I just went with the default which was the thicker (more noodle-y) style. As you know, the courgette reduces in size considerably when cooked so I think the thicker spaghetti is more likely to hold its shape.spiralize3-WP
The main advantage over a julienne peeler is that the blades are not exposed. This means the likelihood of a painful and bloody cut is much reduced. The number of times I have almost julienned my fingers is high. Although it’s not impossible to cut your fingers on the razor sharp blades of the Twinzee spiralizer, it’s much much harder than a julienne peeler. The blades are tucked away within the main body of the spiralizer and normal action keeps fingers and blades as far apart as possible. I’d be happy for my kids to use this.spiralize4-WP
When I got to the end of the courgette, I did run into a little difficulty. You are supposed to take the cap off the other end of the spiralizer and stick it on the end of the vegetable to protect your fingers as you get close to the end. I found that the cap didn’t grip enough to the end of the courgette. I think this was because I hadn’t trimmed the courgette and still had the knobbly end. I was still happy though as there was less wastage and I got a very large plate of spaghetti from one medium courgette.

The Twinzee spiralizer is not an overly technical or complicated bit of kit and for that I love it. It’s small and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Extra touches like the special cleaning brush make it much more practical for the busy cook.